How To Make a DIY 3 Layers Facemask With Filter Pocket

How To Make A DIY 3 Layers Facemask With Filter Pocket In Few Simple Steps

What you will need slide 🙂. Elastic 2 x 30cm. Thread. 3 types of fabric. Tape measure, pins, pencil  ruler, scissors ✂️, paper.


1. Measure the pattern in inches and cut out (this is mens size, to size down simply size down by half an inch).


2. Layout 4 layers of fabric, 2 the same for the front layer and 2 the same for the middle layer. Then cut ✂️.


3. Fold in at the first dotted line.


4. Place over a folded piece of fabric (so you will have 2 pieces the same) and cut ✂️.  This is your pocket. 


5. On the pocket pieces fold in half and inch twice.


6. Iron.


7. Sew these bits we just folded like this.


8. Place the 2 front pieces face up of the 2 middle pieces like this.


9. Then sandwich the 4 pieces with the right side of the rainbow facing eachother.


10. Pin or clip in place here and sew along the curved line.


11. Put some small snips around the curve so the fabric doesn't bunch up.


12. iron seams.


13. Repeat with the 2 pocket pieces then place them inside out on the top of the rainbow fabric (rainbow right side up).


14 (a). Sew from here.

14 (b). To here.


15 (a & b). Repeat along bottom.


16. Trim the top and put small snips in again.


17. Turn the right way round.


18. Iron.


19. Almost there!
- fold edge half an inch and place elastic over fold.


20. Fold again and sew in place.


21. Sew all the way around edges of mask.


22. Tie knots and tuck inside mask. You did it!!


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